How long does it take to resolve a personal injury case?

Personal injury cases generally take between 6 months and 3 years to resolve. However, there is no such thing as an “average” case. This makes it impossible to say what an “average time frame” would be for reaching an agreement. If you have serious injuries and a very strong case, your claim could be resolved in days or weeks.

The insurance company may be ready to make a settlement offer that pays for the maximum limits of the policy. If you accept this offer, you can sign a liability waiver and receive your compensation without delay. With all the financial burdens a personal injury can cause, you might want to know how long it will take to receive your compensation. Yes, the state in which your personal injury case is being litigated plays an important role in determining the answer to the question: “How long does a personal injury case last? For example, getting to the trial phase of a personal injury case usually takes less time in rural Florida than in a big city like Miami and Jacksonville.

For example, one or more doctors treating your injuries may hesitate to link your injuries to an act of negligence. While waiting for answers to the interrogations, both attorneys take testimony from witnesses to the personal injury incident. The personal injury attorneys at Morgan & Morgan want you to know three additional factors that can contribute to increasing the time it takes to resolve your personal injury case. The statute of limitations for personal injury cases varies by state, but is generally 1 to 3 years.

While each state implements different pre-trial procedures, you can expect your case to reach the trial phase one to two years after you file a personal injury lawsuit. To get an idea of the average time it can take to resolve a personal injury case, you should consider every part of the personal injury claim process. If mediation helps both parties reach a resolution, then your personal injury case will be scheduled for trial. The initial consultation is also the time for an attorney to analyze the evidence associated with your personal injury case.

The short answer to the question, “How long does a personal injury case last?” , ranges from a few months to two years. Part of knowing the answer to the question “How long does a personal injury case take?” is to understand the process for litigating personal injury cases. We support students, families, caregivers, and communities with resources, personal stories, and a national directory of injury attorneys. Since personal injury cases involve potential compensation for monetary damages, you'll want to hire an attorney who operates on a conditional fee basis.