How long does it take to negotiate a settlement?

Most of the time, negotiating a deal takes a few weeks or months after receiving the first offer. Once again, the exact schedule will depend on each case. Once you've agreed on the amount of the settlement, you can normally expect the case to be finalized in six weeks. The insurance company does more than just send a check to your lawyer. Instead, there are several steps they must take, and then the steps your attorney must complete before you receive your share of the compensation.

The process of negotiating a fair agreement can take anywhere from several weeks to several years. Some cases can be resolved faster than others, especially if there is clear liability and minimum compensation. However, more complex cases involving serious injuries or deaths can take much longer to resolve. Negotiations can take days, weeks, or even months before the parties reach an agreement.

If negotiations fail or you think that going to trial will bring better results, you can reject the agreement. However, this would involve a longer and more complex legal process. By helping your lawyer prepare, you help your lawyer start negotiations in as strong a negotiating position as possible. You can also ask your lawyer to present your medical bills as expenses related to a car accident when negotiating a settlement with the responsible party.