What is the Average Settlement Amount for a Personal Injury Case?

When it comes to Personal Injury Lawyer in Charleston, there are a number of factors that both parties consider when deciding whether to settle or go to trial. Statistics show that around 70% of respondents who have gone through the personal injury claim process have resolved their cases out of court. With a structured payment from your Personal Injury Lawyer in Charleston, you'll receive regularly scheduled payments. The goal is to try to compensate you for your injury, rather than making you rich.

Typical compensation for personal injury includes past, current, and future medical expenses, lost wages or profits, reduced ability to generate income, pain and suffering, and the costs of repairing damaged property. In some cases, victims may be able to include loss of enjoyment in their claim. When it comes to negotiating settlement amounts, having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side can make a big difference. An experienced lawyer will bring their expertise to assess the value of your case and any settlement offers you receive.

They can also help you maximize your compensation by fiercely negotiating with the other party. However, if there is any proof that you were also at fault for the incident or that you contributed to your own injuries, the offender may resist and be reluctant to pay the full amount of the settlement you request. It's important to remember that each personal injury case is unique and each individual victim has different characteristics. With more than 31 years of experience fighting for victims of personal injury in the Las Vegas Valley, attorney Adam S.

The attorneys at the Brown Law Firm & Crouppen are experienced in helping victims get fair and adequate compensation for their losses.