Why Big Companies Settle: An Expert's Perspective

When a dispute arises between two parties and an agreement cannot be reached, the only option may be to take the case to court. However, many companies would rather avoid the legal costs, uncertainty, and potential damage to their brand that can come with litigation. This is why settling a lawsuit is often the preferred option for a personal injury law firm. Settling a lawsuit usually involves both parties making some concessions and compromising their claims in order to reach an agreement.

It is often said that a good settlement is one in which both parties are less than satisfied, as each has had to give up something. Litigation can be seen as a form of negotiation, and sometimes it is necessary to file a lawsuit in order to reach a settlement. Good lawyers can help their clients by avoiding trial and negotiating a settlement that may not have been possible without initially resorting to litigation. Companies often resolve lawsuits without declaring a winner or loser, and the defendant may not have to admit fault as part of the settlement.