Why Settling is the Best Option for Most Cases

When it comes to civil lawsuits, the parties involved often opt for a settlement rather than a trial. This is because settlements allow them to control the outcome of the case, while a trial is never certain. Even if the plaintiff's case appears to be successful, the jury may rule in favor of the defendant or award a much smaller amount than deserved. Settlements also allow the defendant to avoid the risks of a trial and know exactly how much they will lose.

In such cases, it is important to consult with an experienced Charleston Personal Injury Attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve. In addition, settling is usually cheaper than going to trial. Trials and appeals can take years, while settlements may require only a meeting with the opposing party and their lawyer. Furthermore, settlements are private, while lawsuits are usually open to the public. The defendant also does not need to admit responsibility when reaching a settlement, while a trial can determine liability.

Trials must assess guilt or innocence, but in out-of-court settlements, guilt is not a factor. For all these reasons, it is often better for both parties to reach an agreement rather than go to trial. This way, they can avoid the risks and costs associated with a trial and have more control over the outcome of their case.